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Taking Care/ The Water Works, Camden Peoples Theatre

Here’s another throwback to some of the performance work I have done after graduating from Royal Holloway University.

Taking Care/The Water Works was a work-in-progress showed as part of The Student Lock Festival at the Camden Peoples Theatre in 2017.

This show explored the often never ending road to recovery from a traumatic experience as at the time this show was made I was really struggling to cope with my own PTSD. I didn’t want the show to be autobiographical, but a lot of what was showcased did come from my own experiences.

The performance looked at the idea of washing away traumatic experiences, and other coping mechanisms, + so a lot of water and buckets were involved!

Unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of the photos from this piece of work. But I have managed to find a promo shot of me wearing a bucket on my head… so enjoy!

Credit to Nadine Westveer de Mul, my partner in crime

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